Modern medicine requires analytical devices with the most advanced technology and high-quality equipments are a crucial part of the testing process. It is the devices that determine the reliability and the precision of the diagnostic tests and analysis.

GalataLab offers the widest range of equipment designed for laboratory diagnostic tests and all major analytical equipment in analysis procedures.

With our extensive work experience and direct contact with the most reliable manufacturers, we provide solutions to our partners in procurement of the analytical devices with wide alternatives and tailored solutions.

Besides supply solutions we are also supporting our partners on consultancy and all the required technical assistance and after sale services including maintenance and repair.

Our experienced consultants are always ready for your requests, questions and requirements. We would be assisting you on choosing the right devices for your needs and provide all the required solutions for your projects.

We are ready to support every scale of laboratories from small enterprises to most complex clinics with our large portfolio.

You can find;

  • Biochemical analyzers
  • Hematological analyzers and reagents
  • Biochemical reagents
  • Blood sampling systems
  • Coagulology devices and many other alternatives as per your requirement.